Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top YouTuber LauraVitale Has A New YouTube Channel-Surprising!

Laura Vitale from LauraInTheKitchen is a big time YouTuber with a cooking channel and now she is going to expand her YouTube presence by doing a new channel. I was actually very shocked about this announcement she made but I'm excited to see it come into play. Read more..............

Well , well Laura Vitale has decided to do a new channel and if I'm writing about it then can probably guess what it is? Laura is going to step into the world of beauty and fashion and she has named her channel VitaleStyle, which is fitting. She mentioned in the video below that many of her viewers have been asking her about her makeup, clothing and more so she decided to dedicate a new channel to it. That's right Laura give the viewers what they want.

Laura also mentioned that she did beauty videos before but cooking took over eventually. But she plans to power ahead with her new VitaleStyle beauty channel and continue with her LauraVitaleInTheKitchen cooking channel as well. 

Will you check out Laura's VitaleStyle channel?

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