Friday, September 27, 2013

Most Popular Beauty Brands Beauty Gurus Love

The beauty gurus of YouTube have been posting videos for their favorite brands and products for 2013. Not only did they reveal their favorites but they most of the gurus have also reviewed them on their channels. So here's the top favorite brands and products amongst the gurus.

If you don't know I'm subscribed to almost 250 beauty channels and vlogs and I watch hours of videos everyday for those that publish that day. I love watching beauty review videos and favorites videos because it introduces me to new products I would have never tried on my own.

So with that said let's get into the most talked about product brands on that the gurus rave about:

-Bare Escentials
-Bath and Body Works 
-Benefit Cosmetics
-Bobbi Brown 
-Estee Lauder 
-Kat Von D
-Mac Cosmetics 
-Make Up For Ever
-Michael Todd 
-Nyx Cosmetics 
-Physicians Formula 
-Too Faced 
-Urban Decay 
-Wet N Wild 

These are the most talked about beauty brands amongst the top beauty gurus and you can find these brands at Target, Walgreens, Sephora, CVS and RiteAid, Walgreens, Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and more.

Which are your favorite brands?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wet N Wild Lipstick Review - Is it Worth The Money?

I went to RiteAid yesterday to pick up some things and there was a huge sale and I decided to explore the makeup department. I stumbled up the Wet N Wild section and found a crazy sale for their lipsticks and decided to pick up some colors since it was buy one and get the second 50% off. I purchased four colors and was surprised by the results.

Check out my review video below on the four fall color lipsticks I purchased from Wet N Wild.

Have you tried Wet N Wild lipsticks? If so what did you think?

Popular YouTuber 1SexyTina1 Tells All On Oprah's OWN TV

Tina is an outspoken YouTuber that talks about beauty, fashion, weight loss,  her life, cooking and controversial topics, in other words she talks about whatever is on her mind. Even though she is outspoken some personal things she keeps to herself. Many of Tina's subscribers are confused about her relationship status with the men in her life. As I was scrolling through Instragram today I read from one of her fans that she was appearing on OwnTV today with her mysterious ex husband Tony.

Well, unfortunately I missed the show but I did catch a preview from OWN TV on YouTube and just that little clip was pretty juicy and surprising. I wonder how she feels knowing that all her subscribers who wondered about her ex Tony in her videos think about her shocking story of betrayal by her ex.

I watch Tina whenever she releases a video for over a year now and she is a woman that has been through alot in her life and has triumphed through it all. She enjoys sharing most of her experiences some in detail, to help other women going through issues.

She's a little rough around the edges but she comes on YouTube raw and sometimes uncensored and I enjoy every minute of it.

Below is a clip of what was shown on OWN TV, tell me what you think about 1SextTina1 personal reveal of her past relationship.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Meet Top Beauty Guru MakeUpGeek From YouTube October 2013

Meet Top Beauty Guru 
MakeUpGeek from YouTube

See info below in the video

Date: October 12, 2013
Place: San Francisco, CA 
Ifabbo (fashion and beauty bloggers and companies conference)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top YouTuber LauraVitale Has A New YouTube Channel-Surprising!

Laura Vitale from LauraInTheKitchen is a big time YouTuber with a cooking channel and now she is going to expand her YouTube presence by doing a new channel. I was actually very shocked about this announcement she made but I'm excited to see it come into play. Read more..............

Well , well Laura Vitale has decided to do a new channel and if I'm writing about it then can probably guess what it is? Laura is going to step into the world of beauty and fashion and she has named her channel VitaleStyle, which is fitting. She mentioned in the video below that many of her viewers have been asking her about her makeup, clothing and more so she decided to dedicate a new channel to it. That's right Laura give the viewers what they want.

Laura also mentioned that she did beauty videos before but cooking took over eventually. But she plans to power ahead with her new VitaleStyle beauty channel and continue with her LauraVitaleInTheKitchen cooking channel as well. 

Will you check out Laura's VitaleStyle channel?

Beauty Guru Judy From ItsJudysLife Is Having Twins!!

That's right guys popular beauty guru Judy from ItsJudyTime and ItsJudysLife and ItsMommyTime just announced with her hubby Benji from BenjimanTV that they are expecting. But there's more to the story, how many babies are they going to be having is the question? Read more of this story!

Well, I'm not going to tell you how many babies, but watch this quick video below to see it for yourself:

Keep coming back I will keep you posted on this story. 

I just want to say congratulations to Judy and Benji on this exciting time in their lives. I  have been watching for two years now and ItsJudysLife is my favorite blog of all the vlogs I watch. I can't wait til the bundles arrive and it will definitely make for a great vlog channel. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meet YouTube Beauty Guru ShamelessMaya In Chicago Sept. 17th

Meet Beauty Guru From YouTube

ShamelessMaya is making her rounds from city to city this year having big meet and greets with her subscriber. If you missed her and you're going to be in Chicago or close to it, here's your chance to meet the shameless YouTuber. 

Date: September 17th , 2013
Where: Chicago, IL  (see short video for details)

Watch the meet and greet announcement video below

Are you going to see Shameless Maya September 17th. ?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

2013 NYX Face Awards Winner Missy Lynn, Start2FinishMUA

If  you missed the top beauty gurus on YouTube go for the win at the Live Nyx Face Awards that was on YouTube today then you missed a great competition for the win of $25,000, see the video!

Congratulations to my girl and one of the most popular beauty gurus,  Missy Lynn from Start2FinishMUA on YouTube. She really did an incredible job on the Modern Goddess theme that she did in the last round amongst her five competitors at the Nyx Face Awards.

I watched the entire event on YouTube, it was live and it started a little rough but it took off afterwards with their top six contestants. The last round for the Goddess theme was done right on stage and each contestant had to make up their models in front of the audience and the judges in 30 minutes.

In the end it was down to Start2FinishMUA and another contestant. When Missy realized she was the winner she dropped down in disbelief in tears, it was an emotional moment. Missy lost both of her brothers and she stated that they were her motivators and she did this in their memory.

I wish Missy the best with this huge win and accomplishment, I watched her through the entire competition and voted for her as well. Missy just had something different in each competition, an edge that made me believe if she stayed strong and believed in herself that she could take it all and she did.

Missy if you're reading this, congratulations again and you are truly talented and deserved that win tonight. Keep reaching for the stars and take this win and all the opportunities with it to live out your dreams. God Bless.

P.S. By the way you won $25,000, I need a loan, lol!

Missy Lynn Before The Nyx Face Awards

Monday, August 19, 2013

Huge BeauytCon Event - Meet Your Favorite Beauty Gurus On Youtube August 2013

Come See Your Favorite 
Beauty Gurus On YouTube 
Many popular beauty gurus are scheduled to be there and speak. Get great advice for starting a YouTube Channel, talk fashion and beauty, shop beauty products and more.

Read More For More Info And To Register For FREE - Anyone Can Come! 

Saturday On August 24, 2013 

10am – 9pm 

Siren Studios 6063 W Sunset Blvd  Los Angeles, CA 90028

Register on the Site - Click Here

Some Featured Guests Are: 
AndreasChoice, Kandee Johnson, ItsJudysLife, StilaBabe09, DulceCandy87, MilesJai, SunkissAlba,
 and tons more are listed so don't miss them.

For more details visit BeautyCon by clicking the link below:

Let me know in the comments if you're going to be attending BeautyCon. I will be posting random videos from YouTubers from this event after on August 28th. 

Which Beauty Guru Has The Largest Meet & Greets?

So which beauty guru on YouTube has proven to be able to pull in hundreds of fans over and over at meet and greets? Well the fact is she is a YouTube favorite and her fan base is taking not only the U.S by storm but she is very popular internationally in such places like Japan, Philippines, UK and Vancouver and beyond. So who is this well known beauty guru that people love to come see? See videos too!

Well if you haven't guessed yet, the beauty guru is Judy from ItsJudysLife,  ItsJudysTime and ItsMommyTime. Judy and hubby Benji just did their recent meet and greet on August 18th, 2013 in Vancouver, BC.  The event was sponsored by a company called Curlique, it's a beautiful makeup company with incredible views of the city.

There was a massive line of people that kept coming and it literally took over four hours for Judy to speak to everyone in groups sessions, while Benji entertained the nonstop crowd outside. It just shows how much Judy and beauty gurus alike are becoming huge YouTube stars and role models for the younger generations out there and truly effect their lives.

I watch ItsJudslife every single day because she's genuine and her family is all in to to be part of it all! Lets not forget her and BENJI's precious bundle Julianna who is a joy to watch grow up on the tube. I look forward to watching Judy grow, her family expand and I wish her much success.

See Some of  Judy's Amazing Meet & Greet Videos Below For 2013:

Meet & Greet In Vancouver August 18, 2013

Meet and Greet With Popular Anna Saccone Joly In Dublin, Ireland - June 15, 2013 

Meet & Greet In Toyko - April 5, 2013

Meet and Greet -Security Kicks Out The Crowd - in Vancouver, BC - March 22, 2013

Have you ever been to a meet and greet with Judy? Do you watch ItsJudysLife or ItsJudyTime?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Is Michelle Phan's New Makeup Line Worth Buying?

Michelle Phan is YouTube's top beauty guru with over 4.5 million subscribers and counting. She has embarked on another venture, a new makeup line. That's right Michelle has definitely taken advantage of her YouTube status and branched out once again. So what is this makeup line called and is it worth all the hype?
Michelle Phan Net Worth

Well, Michelle Phan is no stranger to business starting her own makeup line, she is currently a millionaire at a very young age with her first company that she co-founded called that adds to her YouTube success. She stated in her video that she listened to what her subscribers wanted and she fulfilled their wants. Why not, if you have an audience of over 4.5 million drooling to watch your videos it would be smart to offer something more.

Her new makeup line is called Em Cosmetics! You read it right, Em, its me spelled backwards and her tagline is "A reflection of me." I love the name Em Cosmetics and the meaning behind it all. Her makeup line contains items for the face, eyes and lips. 

The makeup line is ready for purchase and my favorite item I love, she calls the "Life Palette." I like the concept because she has several sets of colors that represent daily life like, night life, career, daytime, beach life,  love life and party life. But my favorite part is she created a magnetic system where you can pop out any combination of colors and put it in its on small magnetic case so you can pop it in your purse.......genius!

The website is very professional and colorful and easy to navigate through to the different beauty items. The packaging is simple but glam enough that you will want to carry it and take it out to show off. There

Check out her makeup line on her latest video below:

Video Below: Wake Up With Michelle & Go To Work With Her 


What do you think about Michelle Phan's new makeup line? Will you purchase anything? If so what?

YouTube Beauty Gurus Do A Huge Make Up & Fashion Giveaway-Enter Until Sept. 15, 2013

Eight Popular Beauty Gurus On YouTube 
Do A Huge Giveaway 
For Fashion & Beauty Items
+ Authentic Michael Kors Tote Bag 

You Can Enter From 
August 16 To September 15th

There Will Be: 
8 Winners Selected 
On September 16th, 2013

Click Below To Watch 
April Athena7 Video With The 
Easy Rules! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Beauty Guru Anna Saccone From Style Diet Expecting Baby #2

That's right Anna Saccone from Style Diet and a popular vlog called SacconeJoley's which is one of YouTube's top beauty gurus has announced she is expecting a new bundle of joy, baby number two. She announced on her channel in a video that she is about 8 weeks pregnant and didn't even know it til recently. See the announcement!

Anna was very sick during her vacation and even some weeks ago took a pregnancy test and she showed us on her channel it was negative. Her husband Jonathan took her to the doctor when they were on vacation recently because Anna could not keep food down and felt extremely ill certain times of the day. When she returned home she was also taking naps and not feeling good and good old Jonathan had to watch Emilia.

Well the mystery is now solved and Anna and Jonathan are now expanding their family along with baby Emilia and six highly energetic puppies. Anna did her first pregnancy vlog below and will continue to do so during the pregnancy.

So imagine Anna will have three babies, little Emilia, baby number two and her crazy hubby Jonathan (just joking). After the video I left the following comment below:

 "I'm so excited for you Anna and Jonathan, big HUGS to you both. My girl Emilia is going to be the best big sister, she's so sweet and happy and will do well because she plays with others very well. Wow Jonathan has another playmate, lol, he is going to lose his mind with two babies and he will love every minute of it. I'm curious how the puppies will react, but they love Emilia so they will love the next bundle of joy too. God Bless!"

Watch The Video Below of the Announcement

If you watch Anna on her channel at Style Diet and SacconeJoleys, what do you think about another baby?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bethany Mota of MacBarbie07 Does Huge School Giveaway

If you are looking to get some phenomenal freebies for back to school, our top beauty guru Bethany Mota of MacBarbie07 is giving away huge back sacks of super good prizes and one includes an Ipad.

View Bethany Mota's video right now to see all the prizes for the upcoming selected winners, a winner will be picked from YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Don't miss out on this great giveaway she packed them with some great school supplies, big amounts for gift cards, cosmetics and one hot electronic in each.

Click on the video below now to watch and enter today! 

Did you enter to win Bethany's contest?

Friday, August 9, 2013

20 Most Beautiful Beauty Gurus On YouTube 2013

Tell me who gets your vote for the "Beauty Guru Face of a Model". There are so many gurus online and some of them have gorgeous faces naturally, but even more gorgeous when they do their makeup. I always say at the end of a video, she could make a great model. So did your favorites make the cut?

Remember we are only talking about the model of the FACE not the body or height. These beauty gurus were chosen because they have great structure to their face, defined cheek bones, beautiful eyes and a killer smile and swag.

Which one is your favorite on the list and why?


AprilAthena7 - April











Jamaican Makeup Artist -



Missy Lynn

My Invisible Chyrsalis

Rosh Posh


Sunkiss Alba


So there it is, those are my top beauty guru beauties from my subscriber list. Do you have a gorgeous (not cutesie) beauty guru that you recommend?

Meet Beauty Guru Nitraab At The Mall of America August 2013

Meet  Very Popular Beauty YouTuber

Date: August 17th, 2013
Where: Mall of America @ the Sigma Beauty Store
Time: 1 - 3 p.m 

See the Video

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top YouTubers At Vidcon Conference 2013-See Videos

VidCon is one of the biggest events of the year for YouTubers that took place in Annaheim, California this year. Its a place for YouTubers to meet their fans, network, learn tips to increase their channel audience and to get new YouTubers started. Below I have chosen some of the most fun VidCon videos from some of my favorite YouTubers so enjoy.

ShayTards - One of the biggest YouTubers & family people wanted to meet 

TanyaBurVlogs at Vidcon - See the pandemonium


The NiveNulls at VidCon

What do you think of the VidCon Conference and would you go next year?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meet Beauty Guru Lover4Fashion August 2013 In Texas

Meet Lover4Fashion
The Very Popular Beauty Guru
On YouTube & One of My Favorites
-When: August 10, 2013

Host: Lola Hair Company
Location: 19752 North Freeway Suite B1 Spring, TX 77373 (next to spring high school)
Time| 12-3:30 p.m

Lola's Hair will be giving away one bundle every 45 mins starting at 12:45pm.

Hair sale!
In-store Sale
Early back to school deal on Saturday August 10th only.
10% off 3 bundles 18 inch and below. 
$250 for 3 bundles of 20 inches and higher. 

Online sale | Coupon code "FASHB2S".

Beauty Guru Gabe From GabeFlowers02 Has A New Channel

A short announcement to let you guys know that Gabrielle from GabeFlowers02 has a few great announcements to make and the beauty guru also has a brand new channel on YouTube.

Watch the video below to hear all about it! Also subscribe Gabe and her hubby Chad, a.ka Babe has a great vlog channel you will just love.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet Judy & Benji From I ItsJudysLife August 2013

Meet Judy, Husband Benji and Baby Julianna 
From ItsJudysLife
*In Vancouver, BC 
*On Sunday August 18th, 2013

To get all the details visit their Facebook Page
For Updates & To Let Them Know You'll Be There

Also, if you are a company that has enough space to sponsor the 
meet and greet and would like to be exclusively promoted during
the entire event then go to the Facebook page link below to 
submit your application: 

Are you going to Vancouver, BC to meet 
Judy and her family?

Beauty Guru Judy From ItsJudysTime Has A New Channel on YouTube

That's right the super popular beauty guru Judy from ItsJudysTime and ItsJudysLife started a new channel in July and she is sharing her mommy tips. If you know Judy she is a first time mom to her baby Julianna, a.k.a JuliannaBear and she has learned a ton about raising a little baby, being a work at home parent and wife.

Well Ms. Judy is started her new channel called ItsMommysLife, which fits great with her brand of YouTube names already. It has already taken off with over 16,800 subscribers to date and I'm sure that's just the beginning.

Judy is an advocate for using cloth diapers because they are good to the planet. She did a review on the cloth diaper liners she is using because as her daughter grows she has more left in the diaper...if you know what I mean. Her second video was  a baby Target haul so go check it out.

Here's Judys Latest Video From Her New Channel ItsMommysLife

What do you think of Judy's new channel? Leave your comment below.

My New July Favorite Beauty YouTube Channels - 2013

Hi guys, I found some new beauty and hair channels on YouTube in June and July that I found that I have grown to like very much. I want to share these channels with you since I know how hard it is to find great beauty and fashion videos to watch. I have been watching these particular channels for one to two months and I think they have passed my favorites test, so here we go!

Below are some new channels that I stumbled upon, some are already very popular and some are not, check them out and subscribe.

BYoonique - I found Yoon first on her vlogs on YouTube, she lives in Manhattan, New York and I love her vlogs (TheVeryBerrieLife)  and she mentioned she had a beauty channel. Yoon has beautiful skin and I love tips for maintaining skin and I wanted to know what she did and the products she uses. Yoon also has a great since of style, love the way she dresses and accessorizes her outfits.  Check her out you will love her!

EssieButton - Again, I also watch alot of vlogs and that's where I originally found Essie. She is great on camera with giving her beauty and fashion tips. Check out her vlog its fab at EssieButtonVlogs.

FabulasityIsMe - I was always subscribed to her channel but never took the time to really watch it and some comments came in for me to check out more of her videos. I like her makeup tutorials and she has great taste in clothes and looks fabulous wearing them, so now I'm hooked.

Faradhukai - Gorgeous girl with excellent natural skincare, hair and makeup tips, she's awesome. You will get hooked watching many of her videos in a row because she has incredible hair and natural skin and you will want to know what she does to maintain her look.

StilaBabe09 - I got a few comments from people that asked me to check out StilaBabe09's channel and I did. I already know she is one of the top gurus statistically but I never watched her. Actually, I enjoyed her very much, she's young, colorful and full of energy giving beauty, fashion and DIY tips.

SunKissAlba - Super gorgeous and I was curious to check out her videos when I saw her on another beauty gurus channel when she was at IMATS conference this year. She is extremely popular and I checked out her videos and enjoyed her beauty and natural hair videos the most.

Taren916 - I first discovered Taren when I found a video of her getting her natural hair styled and cut at the salon. She has beautiful hair that she grew out all on her own and she has alot of energy on camera that keeps you up and alert, lol. Her hair and beauty videos are very informative, inspiration and fun to watch so enjoy.

Do you have any new favorite channels you have grown to love? If so feel free to post them below so I can review them and maybe they will make the list for next month. But they better be good!!!

New Fragrance For Elle & Blair Fowler Beauty Gurus-Vote Now

Popular beauty Sisters Blair and Elle Fowler of JuicyStar07 and AllThatGlitters21 on YouTube has another business venture and has started their own fragrance line. Even better you can get a free samples of three fragrances to help them choose which one will be the main fragrance.

Watch Elle and Blair's video below and it will explain that they are down to three scents and they want you to vote to help pick the final fragrance. You will get the three final scents and an invitation to vote then later they will announce the fragrance that has the most votes and that scent will be the signature scent. 

So good luck and come back to tell me which one is your favorite.