Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Popular Beauty Guru TaliaJoy18 Passes Away!

The beautiful and one of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube TaliaJoy18 passed away yesterday. She was loved and admired very much and as her sister said on the last video on her channel Talia left her footprints on the world.

Talia sadly lost the fight against her long battle with cancer on Tuesday, July 16, 2013. She had courage and motivated others through her illness and her zest for life. She  touched so many lives through her YouTube channel TaliaJoy18. 

Talia was energetic and fun on her channel and kept everyone up to date on her cancer treatments and how she was doing. She had a very popular YouTube channel with over 885,164 subscribers as of today and over 48 million views since July 12, 2011. She was courageous and we will never forget her. 

Our hearts and prayers are with Talia's family! God Bless! 

Talia's Family Video After Her Passing

What nice comments would you like to leave for Talia and how do you feel about it?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Where Are Beauty Gurus Going On Vacation This Summer? 2013

The beauty gurus are ready for summer with their bags packed up and traveling for family time. These are some of my favorite vacation videos so far so have fun experiencing their trips to different states and countries.

I selected the one's below because I really had a good time watching because they really captured where they were, the hotels, the restaurants, activities and shopping. I definitely got excited to go to some of these places and now I even know where I want to stay as well.

There are more videos from each of these vacations so to see more of them simply visit their channel. Enjoy. 

AprilJustinTV - AprilAthena7
April and her husband Justin go to Costa Rica and vlogged most of the trip. Check out this video and more. 

Judy, Benji and baby Julianna go to Dublin Ireland to visit YouTubers Saccone Joly's from LefloofTV

Hair guru Whitney, her hubby Phillipe and baby Olivia go to Martha's Vineyard for the 4th of July. 

Gabe and husband Chad go to Vegas for her birthday and low and behold they get to see Beyonce. 

Beauty Guru Anna from StyleDiet and LefloofTV on vacation 
with hubby Joffe and baby Emilia in Sorento Italy.

The famous London  beauty guru BritPopPrincess goes to Portu with hubby. 

Which video did you enjoy the most? Do you want to go to any of the places the beauty gurus visited?