Saturday, September 14, 2013

Popular YouTuber 1SexyTina1 Tells All On Oprah's OWN TV

Tina is an outspoken YouTuber that talks about beauty, fashion, weight loss,  her life, cooking and controversial topics, in other words she talks about whatever is on her mind. Even though she is outspoken some personal things she keeps to herself. Many of Tina's subscribers are confused about her relationship status with the men in her life. As I was scrolling through Instragram today I read from one of her fans that she was appearing on OwnTV today with her mysterious ex husband Tony.

Well, unfortunately I missed the show but I did catch a preview from OWN TV on YouTube and just that little clip was pretty juicy and surprising. I wonder how she feels knowing that all her subscribers who wondered about her ex Tony in her videos think about her shocking story of betrayal by her ex.

I watch Tina whenever she releases a video for over a year now and she is a woman that has been through alot in her life and has triumphed through it all. She enjoys sharing most of her experiences some in detail, to help other women going through issues.

She's a little rough around the edges but she comes on YouTube raw and sometimes uncensored and I enjoy every minute of it.

Below is a clip of what was shown on OWN TV, tell me what you think about 1SextTina1 personal reveal of her past relationship.


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